Monday, January 7, 2013

Upcoming Apps...

I am now back in the US where I can enjoy unlimited high-speed internet. This will significantly change my development methods.

First of all, my next project is some tracking databases for some groups back in South Africa. They want to keep track of their children’s information such as address, family, health, grades, disabilities, etc. I am planning to make it in Visual Basic on a SQL database. It will have security protocols to protect the content.

Next is a similar project, but geared for tracking students that attended their training courses. It will track and follow each student during his or her training career. It will also help with job placement. I plan to tie it into the CV Creator app somehow. That is still undetermined.

 Also, I am branching out. I am currently learning about mobile device applications and development. I have a number of ideas that can be used in both the US and SA. I will post more about that later.