Friday, June 22, 2012

The Pig Incident

I have become a little famous in South Africa. Well, in the town of Rayton anyway. Well, more like only at the Siyathemba Nokeng Community Centre. I managed to fracture my collarbone at the shoulder. I was working on a video project regarding the oversized, atrocious pigs in the community when I managed to trip while running full speed. Fortunately the whole thing is on video. Yay. So now I can globally embarrass myself online.

You can laugh at me here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CV Creator Application

The CV Creator Application (version 2.0) is almost complete. There are a number of organizations in South Africa that create and print CVs (Resumes) for township residents. The process was normally to create a Word document from scratch or to edit a previously created document. It was time consuming and difficult for users.

CV Creator is a VB.Net application with a tabular form for information input. It dynamically creates additional fields for work history if needed then compiles all the data into a pdf format. The current version does require .Net Framework 4.0 but I plan to change it to 3.0. I want to avoid exhausting framework installations on the already aging equipment.

Version 1.0 was a HTML page viewable in a browser with selections for work history and contacts amounts then opened a Word document form. Version 3.0 with save entered information into a database. It will include options to upload to JobLinx, a job candidate web site not unlike

Friday, June 15, 2012

Who is Mike?

I am Mike. I am not special, except to my wife, my mother and God. But I am special enough to have a web site. The site is not to merely inform how special I am, but rather to show how special I am.

Kidding aside, this information is here to share my work not only to bring traffic to companies and organizations I work with, but also to market my work to generate more work. If a video or application I post here generates interest to be hired for another project, then yay for me.

The idea really is to have fun. So enjoy what find here.