Web Sites

Creating web sites these days is not too difficult. Most computers have built-in content management tools for web site development, such as iWeb on a Mac. Even Microsoft Word can convert documents into HTML. However, these programs make messy code that duplicate static content (images, style sheets, etc) causing extra storage space on the host server.

There are OpenSource options such as Joomla and WordPress. These are innovative tools that allow site administrators to maintain their sites easily. There are even mobile apps to use from smart phones. The problem is these programs limit what developers can do. They are stuck using the template.

Then there are blog sites (like this one). They are very easy to use with hundreds of templates and gadgets. They can be manipulated, but is not an easy task to fully change the blog from the code.

Ultimately, using content management tools, creating a site is easy. But creating a custom site without digging into code is not.

I use a combination of programs and tools for web site development. I like Joomla for sites that have a lot of content that changes often. In these cases I either create a template in PHP or modify and existing. I admit I have also used iWeb on Mac then cleaned up the HTML to avoid duplication and "extra" stuff. Call me crazy, but I always end up in a text editor manipulating the code in raw form. It is the only way to have complete control over the site and its behavior.

So here are some sites:

Siyathemba Nokeng (River of Hope) in Rayton, South Africa - Joomla with some iWeb and Komodo App Tools
African Endeavor Ministry - Blog site with HTML edits
Sowers Seeds (Private site) - Blog site with HTML edits
Rocky Mountain District Intranet (Private Site) - Notepad and CSS editors

I did a number of other sites on private intranet sites unavailable for public view (Done mostly in Notepad).

Here is a list of languages I use:
And more...