My first video was a dinky little thing made with Microsoft Movie Maker. It was a simple slideshow with a couple titles and music. I had fun, but did not like the transitions for the pictures. They were not smooth.

Thus started my search for acceptable video editing software. I was happy to find Ulead. I found, however, that one program alone does not quite handle everything I wanted to accomplish. I discovered that by using multiple video editing programs, I could create the masterpiece I desired. It is not uncommon to find me fiddling with Ulead, iMovie, Wondershare and Final Cut, not to mention about a dozen video conversion tools.

Then comes the camera issue. Although most software can clean up the images, a digital camera made for still photographs does not normally product video footage. A good video requires a good video camera. But I'm broke, so tough luck to me.

See my YouTube channel for some of the videos. There are more in the postings of this blog.