Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CV Creator™ Application 2.11 is Live!

The CV Creator™ application is deployed. All beta tests have been successful. The application is being used primarily at BEAM Africa in Nellmapius with plans to deploy to other locations during 2013.

The original plans for CV Creator™ was a stand-alone app using .Net Framework 3.0. However, I figured that due to varying system types, numerous framework versions and limited internet connectivity, it would be better to create the application in Access. I had already seen a number of computers with Framework 2.5 but without network to download the current version. Therefore I went with MS Access for v2.11. Now the problem is that a machine must have Access installed. That rules out Home or Student editions.

Current features of CV Creator™ v2.11
• Tabular navigation for ease of use 
• Saves all created CVs to database for quick reprinting 
• Quick CV editing, viewing and printing 
• Database backup of all saved CVs 
• Detailed help document 
• Single self-contained Microsoft Access file 

Future versions, specifically v3.0, will be back to .Net but with a download package or CD install that has the correct framework version. Some features of the next version include PDF export creation of CVs, JobLinx upload and spreadsheet export and quick creation templates. Verions 3.0 is planned for release in 2013.